Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Response to denials of American genocides (Warning: Graphic)

This is a response to Deborah Simpson's blog, Independence vs. Globalism: A National Crisis. 

[Update May 14, 2011: This blog, Independence vs. Globalism, has since been removed. While I can't directly quote from the blog, I can give you my impression of it. In short, Ms. Simpson went off on a racist rant about how most of the social/monetary problems in America are from "lazy" Indians and their fight for rights/restitution; that any problems now faced by Native Americans is entirely their own fault for being "lazy" and that her taxes shouldn't be used to help people that she didn't personally commit any crime against - despite the fact that she lives in NJ, on land that her European ancestors -by simply moving here- helped steal. She also claimed that there has never been an American/European attempt at genocide towards anyone on American soil, despite all the evidence that says otherwise.]

"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between." 
~Oscar Wilde~

Let me remind you that I'm from a Melungeon family (an isolated group with distinct culture that emerges from the acculturation of three or more heritages; example, the creole and seminoles). My heritages include Romnichel/English, Cherokee/Freedman (freed slaves), Lakota, Shawnee, and Pavee/Irish. I'm also a history major (formerly studying anthropology).

Most people who deny the term genocide are "white, educated," and in complete denial about their ancestors conquering of America. Our forefathers did attempt genocide on Native Americans - the Nakota, a now extinct band of the Sioux, are one example of this. And much of that history is documented in all of the treaties that we broke with almost every native tribe in North America and the battles that followed (research the Massacre of Wounded Knee, The Battle of Little Bighorn, Grattan Massacre, The Anglo-Cherokee War, The Trail of Tears). Every native tribe was at war with America - research the American Indian Wars.

Many are not aware that America is currently occupying and governing land that, by it's treaties, does not belong to it. Research the Republic of the Lakotah if you want more information, though again, almost every tribe has this claim because we broke most of our treaties.

Our government currently owes 122 million dollars to the Great Sioux Nation in turn for our settlement of Indian land - the Dakotas. We've never paid, we took the land by force, and did attempt genocide by refusal to send the food supplies that were promised to the nation (and when they were sent, they were often rotting and full of maggots; however, the government, specifically the BIA, had no problem sending large quantities of alcohol, which was a double-edged sword - the caloric intake is believed to be responsible for survival though we are now faced with rampant alcoholism on reservations). And that's just American involvement with ONE tribe. There's rumors that America sent small pox infected blankets out to many Native American tribes (research Jeffrey Amherst) as well as polluted water sources. And this behavior continues today - in 2007, America refused to sign the United Nation's Resolution on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Research "American Concentration Camps." Our reservations (as were British concentration camps during the second Anglo-Boer War) were part of the inspiration for Nazi concentration camps.

Can you tell the two images apart? Which one is of the Lakota; which one is from a Nazi concentration camp?

The first is from Wounded Knee. The second is from Mauthausen Concentration Camp.

We also confined many Asians to camps during WWII (do we need to get into our mistreatment of Asians too - we used them as slave labor, especially in the railroad industry). And the country was built on the backs of slaves, many stolen from Africa because of our "need" for slaves. Our country isn't doing anything different today that they didn't do in 1776. How many of our presidents built their campaign platforms on their involvement with Indian eradication? Old Hickory Andrew Jackson, Old Tippecanoe William Harrison - those nicknames were earned because of their battles. America has a long history of oppression and destruction and the denial of that history is part of why our government continues to be a corrupt political organization. Obama is the FIRST American president to campaign on Native American reservations (and that's only because of his own mixed racial heritage). So here's to hoping that we will see a major change during his presidency...

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