Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bat Jeph

Yeah, I'm weird. This is what I do when I get bored.

I'm a huge fan of The Used, in case you can't tell (hehe). 

A while back (shortly around the release of the video for Pretty Handsome Awkward), I read a rant on some message board (I think it was absolutepunk) that dogged Jeph for doing drag in the video (yeah, he's not the prettiest girl, but who cares? I'd still love to see him doing cartwheels in a cheer leading uniform, hehe)!

Anyway, the rant was about the adorable Jeph Howard being a fairy (as in, homosexual). I have no idea what sexuality Jeph claims (and I don't really care, 'cause I love him anyway and homosexuals are humans too). Being kind of weird myself, I decided to turn him into an actual fairy via art. I gave him bat wings because I thought they fit, with the bat tattoo he has under his neck. 

Look at the gorgeous neck (seriously, it's one of my favorite body parts on him).

It was just time spent fuckin' around but here is my (incomplete) sketch: