Monday, August 18, 2008

Celestial Sphere

This was a FlexWriters Challenge, based on writing a poem centered around a picture. I'll have to track the picture down - I've lost track of things.

The picture was a mother reading to her child. I intended to write about that (mother reading to a child); instead, this is what came out. That's how writing goes. Sometimes, it's a meandering road.

Celestial Sphere

The words flow like water
dripping from a clouded
mind imprisoned in sun-
baked earth shaped by many
years of experience.

Melting clay seeps yellow
stain on rain drops of words
pouring into small streams
spilling sentences in
puddles of paragraphs.

Pools fill and overflow
the banks of parched margins
forming rivers that surge
through mountains of pages
bound cover to cover.

Oceans of books collect
ideas that, once read,
evaporate in the
light of an exposed mind
waiting for heavy clouds.