Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fuck the Title

In case you haven't figured it out, it's been a bad day (week, life, whatever. Feel free to insert a word here). I'm not in a good mood.

PJ has been lethargic all week. We thought it was the heat and moved her upstairs. She perked up a bit - yesterday, we thought she was doing much better. I go to bed, have a very bad dream about angels that I'm NOT discussing, wake up and PJ's belly is swollen. She's also having problems walking/moving/breathing. We get her a vet appt. for three. By the time three rolls around, her breathing is worse and she's starting to turn blue. The vet recommended we put her down so we did. So, now ya know why I'm not very happy or pleasant at the moment. I don't deal with death or loss very well.

This may be morbid, but it's my attempt to cheer myself up - the IQ level of our house dropped today. We had more time with her than we expected, but she was a very good pet and I miss her incredibly.

So, here's to my little PJ (Precious Junior) - RIP: Goddess welcome her with open arms. 

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