Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

I'm combining all six of these book quotations into one blog. I loved this series as a kid; I still love it, except now I identify more with the mother, Mrs. Morley, than I do with the main character, Lynn.

Witch's Sister
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Mrs. Morley: "That's just not the way an idea comes. It's nothing anyone can give me. It has to start inside my own head. I have to stumble on it myself and know that it's meant for me. Right now I have little wisps of things in my mind - little fragments of a story that hasn't put itself together yet - pages that are all disconnected. It will come, but sometimes it's hard waiting."

"She [Mrs. Morley] was barefoot because she always took her shoes off when she wrote. "It ventilates my brain," she said. . . "

"Mother [Mrs. Morley] never talked about a book she was working on until the first draft was finished. It wasn't mere superstition. She said she needed to keep that bubble of enthusiasm about her in order to finish it, and if anybody raised objections or pointed out flaws or frowned just a little, the bubble would burst. Better to keep it all to herself till the first sketch was down on paper, she always said."

Witch Water
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Mr. Beasley: "Every time anything gets to be a hundred years old, seems there's always somebody who wants to tear it down or dig it up or cover it over with cement."
"Why did people always say okay or fine when they weren't at all? Why did they have to pretend things were going great when they were going terribly?"

"Even if nobody else in the world believes me, I've got to believe in myself."

The Witch Herself
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Mr. Beasley: "...there's enough steel and concrete in this town. I'll take trees any day."

The Witch's Eye
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Mr. Morley: "Anything is possible, but only a small percent is probable."

"There was something about getting it all down on paper that helped - getting it down in words made it definite and sure. . ."

Witch Weed
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Mrs. Morley: "When a manuscript's going well, I feel that nothing can possibly go wrong in the world, but when the writing's difficult, then nothing seems to be going right."

Mrs. Morley: "It may seem as though people do things suddenly, but usually it's something they've been thinking about."

"It all sounded so ordinary, so natural. . . Nobody knew that her [Lynn] heart was breaking."

The Witch Returns
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
"That's the way conversations always went. Hoping."

Lynn: "I don't know what I don't know."

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